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About Spectrangle
An introduction to the game, the trangs and the board

The board game Spectrangle was invented by Alan John Fraser-Dackers, Maxwell Graham Gordon and Lester Wynne Jordan back in 1989. It is an enjoyable game of skill and some luck. The playing tiles are very well finished, very tactile and very colourful; all of which adds very much to the enjoyment of the game. The board game has appeared in two versions. Spectrangle is suitable for up to eight players. It has a board with 60 triangular spaces and 60 tiles. This was replaced by the more compact version "Spectrangle 36". This has 36 tiles and is suitable for up to four players. Of the two I prefer 36 as it more compact and seems to have a bit more cut and thrust about it.

The Trangs
The heart of the game is the set of coloured double-sided triangular playing tiles called trangs.

Spectrangle uses the colours red, yellow, green, blue, magenta and black. All the possible permutations of six colours give 56 unique trangs. In addition there are 4 'joker' trangs with one or two white edges giving a total of 60 trangs. Spectrangle trangs

Spectrangle 36 uses red, yellow, green, blue and magenta to give 35 unique trangs, which along with one all-white joker gives the full set of 36. Spectrangle 36 trangs

From the pictures you will notice that each trang has a number printed on it. This is the value (or the face-value) of the trang and is the basis of scoring in the game.

The Board
The game is played on a triangular board with triangular spaces into which the trangs are played in the course of a game. Here are pictures of the Spectrangle board and the Spectrangle 36 board.

Spectrangle board

Spectrangle 36 board

As you can see some spaces are marked with a number. These are 'numbered bonus' spaces that multiply the value of trangs played there, these are key to making high scores.

For more detailed information on playing Spectrangle you might want to refer to the rules page.

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