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Welcome to SPECTRANGLE online

This site is dedicated to Spectrangle enthusiasts everywhere. I hope you enjoy your visit and go away with something of interest. I would like to thank Alan John Fraser-Dackers, Maxwell Graham Gordon and Lester Wynne Jordan for inventing this wonderful game.

On this site you will find information about the game, the rules and some links to other Spectrangle sites I have found. This includes a downloadable computer game that can be made to run on most Windows-based PCs. You can provide feedback or contact me using the contact page.

The board game I purchased over 20 years ago was produced by Greystone Games. My understanding is that the the board game has been also been published by Jumbo Games and Spears Games. The game is currently being published in the USA by Educational Insights, Inc.

Spectrangle News
* Wikipedia article * I have added an article about Spectrangle to the free internet encyclopedia Wikipedia.

** Trigon ** One of the inventors of Spectrangle has brought Trigon Puzzles (kind of Spectrangle meets Sudoku) to the internet. With a chance to win a Spectrangle game.

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